Cyber Logistics will not charge a fee to the shipper for the utilisation of our services.
However, both the Registration and Training processes will still be applicable.




We believe trust is earned. For that reason the Carrier member has two costing model options:
Commission and Fixed.


Commission Costing Model


It is understandable that companies are reluctant to pay for and adopt new technologies until success has been proven. With the Commission Costing Model there is no participation fee. A fee will only be charged on the successful conclusion of the transaction.

  • 12% commission is charged to the carrier company on the initial transaction.

    Depending on the frequency of the transaction, a lesser percentage will be charged for further components of the transaction.

    Our business model provides some flexibility based on the different types of freight moved and some incentives for early adopters and bulk users.


Fixed Costing Model


Having gained your trust and proven our reliability, a fixed costing model has been provided so that monthly expenditure can be managed more effectively.