About us

susOur passion for what we do is in our name. Cyber Logistics is an innovative software service company that utilises advances in the cyber era to effectively optimise the current logistics industry by facilitating collaborative participation between our members.


Who will benefit from Cyber Logistics’ advanced logistics technologies?


Service logistics providers and those requiring the distribution of freight.


Burdens of the current logistics industry


The UPWARD TREND OF TRANSPORT COSTS – entrenched dependence on road transport and rising fuel costs – and achieving a LOW CARBON ECONOMY are the key players. These are great concerns for businesses, consumers and those associated with environmental sustainability.


Major concerns to the current logistics industry


Definitely the unavailability of return loads and the costs associated with inefficient load consolidation. This contributes to RISING COSTS. It can easily be resolved by IMPROVED EFFICIENCY OF LOGISTICS OPERATIONS THROUGH NETWORK DESIGN BY UTILISING TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES.




The Cyber Logistics Promise


sasWe are committed to work closely with our members within the industry to enhance the competitiveness of the sector by aiding operational efficiencies and improving load consolidation. We focus on adding value for our members through a comprehensive service.
The World Bank noted:


Better logistics performance is strongly associated with trade expansion, export diversification, ability to attract foreign direct investments and economic growth. In other words, trade logistics matter”.